ECM, retroviruses, chronic diseases and cancer

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Cutting-edge science is making new discoveries about a class of pathogens called retroviruses. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Frank Rosetti and other researchers have discovered that human endogenous retroviruses (HRVs) have been evolving in human DNA for probably millions of years. Endogenous human retroviruses represent up to 15% of the human genome itself, from birth and long before, transmitted through our lineages. Another class of retroviruses, called exogenous retroviruses, are pathogens to which we are exposed throughout our lives, often also integrating into our DNA through unique processes.

However, in healthy cells, retroviruses are dormant. It is only when the body is exposed to unhealthy conditions that retroviruses “wake up” and cause symptoms. In many people, these symptoms can become chronic and are often debilitating. Experts who have studied this subject believe that the modern epidemic of a variety of chronic diseases with no known causes, also known as “mystery diseases”, is ultimately caused by the activation of endogenous retroviruses that live in our DNA.

What does it take to “wake up” these retroviruses? Anything that causes stress to the body and depresses the immune system: nutritional stress and nutrient deficiencies, stressful life circumstances, injuries, surgery, environmental pollution, vaccines, pesticides and herbicides (especially glyphosate) in our food, water and environment, heavy metals, parasitic infections, being sick with a viral or bacterial disease for a long time (or frequently), exposure to things we are allergic to, and electromagnetic pollution.

Retroviruses can be detected in our environment (HIV is a common virus), and they will then find their way into our cells using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase to synthesize DNA in an RNA model. Retroviruses possess only RNA, and this enzymatic process is necessary for them to replicate in the host cell.

The link between EMFs and chronic disease, and even some retroviruses themselves, has been established. Inconsistent electromagnetic frequencies, especially when we are constantly exposed to a variety of sources, are unrecognizable to the body and make it believe that it is being attacked by a real physical pathogen such as a virus. So the immune system speeds up trying to fight this invisible invader. However, since there is no viral material, it is constantly fighting until the entire immune system is depleted. Now it no longer has the energy to fight the real invaders – including the hidden pathogens that sleep in our cells, the retroviruses.

Carcinogenic retroviruses

“Retroviral insertion can convert a proto-oncogene, integral to the control of cell division, into an oncogene, the agent responsible for turning a healthy cell into a cancerous one.”

Viral cancers were first discovered in 1911, when the American pathologist Peyton Rous isolated a virus that could cause malignant sarcomas (connective tissue cancers) in chickens, which he called Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV). At the time, he had not been able to find viruses in other cancers, so he temporarily abandoned his work. Decades later, the importance of his work finally received the attention it deserved and, more than 55 years after his first experiment, Rous was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of tumor-inducing viruses.

In 1970, virologists in Japan and America, working independently, discovered an enzyme that could synthesize proviral DNA from the RNA genome of the Rous sarcoma virus. The enzyme has been called RNA-directed DNA polymerase, commonly known as reverse transcriptase. With the discovery of this enzyme and its actions came also the discovery of the unique class of viruses that have been named retroviruses, which use reverse transcriptase as the key to their particularly persistent and chronic infectious activity.

Then, in the 1980s, HTLV retroviruses were discovered and found to cause leukemia, previously thought to be the result of a bacterial infection. Then the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) retrovirus was isolated and found to be the cause of AIDS.

Electromagnetic fields and virus-induced cancers

“The integration of retrovirus DNA into the chromosomes of cells causes cancer, but proto-oncogenes do not become cancer-causing genes unless triggered by another event. Cancers caused by chemical or physical carcinogens in the environment are probably often, if not invariably, due to alterations in the sequences of the proto-oncogenes that converted them into oncogenes”.

In 1997, a study concluded that exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field (a very low frequency compared to current electronic devices) induced activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells. This is an example of a dormant virus that is activated by electromagnetic fields and begins to replicate only as a result of exposure to EMF. The EMF exposure of almost everyone on a daily basis is now much higher than when this study was done. It is well established that the Epstein-Barr virus can cause certain types of cancer (such as stomach cancer), and more recent studies are beginning to link the virus to even more common cancers, such as breast and colon cancer.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is a physician and founder of the Klinghardt Academy, the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Medical Director of the Institute of Neurobiology, Senior Clinician at the Sophia Health Institute, and Founder and President of the Institute of Neurobiology. He is also an expert on retroviruses and their effects on human health.


Dr. Klinghardt says

“But in the last two years, we’ve realized that it’s not yet the depth of the bucket. What’s at the bottom of the bucket is a group of viruses. They’re called human endogenous retroviruses. These are viruses that are embedded in our DNA. We’re coming with them. But they are silenced. They are silenced largely by two mechanisms. One is called methylation. And the other is called acetylation.

And these mechanisms are destroyed by exposure to Wi-Fi or cumulative exposure to electromagnetic fields. And so, what happens is, these viruses replicate within us.”

He goes on to explain how retroviral infections occur with a host of other pathogens on the side that are often more visible: Lyme bacteria, parasites, candida, herpes, mold mycotoxins. These other pathogens cause immune stress and help trigger dormant retroviruses, which then develop into a full-blown infection. So often, when a person is diagnosed with Lyme disease or has symptoms of chronic fatigue, candida overgrowth, mold disease or parasitic infection, the root source of the symptoms is the replication and destructive effects of retroviruses that are now activated.

In Dr. Klinghardt’s medical practice, they have been successful in returning retroviruses to their dormant state by modulating the patient’s environment – primarily by controlling EMF exposure and reducing toxic elements in the air, food and water. Then, by taming retroviruses, other problems such as Lyme, candida, herpes and other myriad problems begin to be solved by tackling the deeper problem.

He also referred to mental illness, pointing out that the main diagnosis in the United States at present is chronic anxiety, and while toxins such as glyphosate are certainly a significant factor in this, the main driver of chronic anxiety is harmful EMFs.

Studies have already been done

Financially speaking, the telecommunications industry is six times larger than the entire pharmaceutical industry combined. This could certainly explain why government agencies are relatively powerless when it comes to regulating new technologies and do not require extensive testing prior to implementation.

Just three years ago, in 2016, a 10-year study was conducted that showed a significant increase in the number of cancers in rats exposed to radiation from cell phones. These results contradict the widely held assumption that EMFs do not cause adverse effects simply because the mechanism of action was not understood – the assumption was that because low levels of radio frequency radiation (below SAR safety limits for cell phones) do not cause a detectable tissue heating effect, this heating effect is the only mechanism that could cause damage. That is certainly not the case.

Results from the 2016 study show that as radiation intensity increases, the incidence of cancer in rats increases – a significant dose-response relationship. The types of tumours that rats have developed are particularly important: high rates of gliomas (tumours in the glial cells of the brain) and malignant schwannomas of the heart. This coincides with at least four epidemiological studies that also link cellular telephone use with these types of cancers. None of the rats in the control group developed any of these cancers. It is also important to note that gliomas are a particularly deadly type of cancer. Most people only survive one to three years after diagnosis.

Given the conclusiveness and seriousness of this study, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) has begun to urge federal agencies to inform the public of these results. Initially, NPT senior management stated that they believed that these results should be made public as soon as possible due to the high level of risk. The FDA and FCC, the two agencies responsible for regulating RF exposure, have been notified of the study results but have not specified how they intend to act on this information. Then, in early 2018, the NTP made an unexplained U-turn and stated that “cell phone use is not a high-risk situation.

A peer review committee of 11 pathologists and toxicologists from academia and industry reviewed the draft reports of the 2016 NTP study and concluded that there is “clear evidence of carcinogenic activity” – “clear” being the strongest of the 5 terms used to classify evidence of carcinogenicity.

There is much speculation as to why the NTP now dramatically downplays the obvious and uncontested results of this study.​

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