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What is a smart meter and why do power companies want one on your home?

The idea behind a smart meter is that it gives utilities advanced capabilities that are beneficial to them but generally have no benefit to you. Rather, the effects are much more negative in terms of price increases, privacy issues, health issues, and if the sources are correct – in the future, your electricity provider will be able to turn off your appliances.

A smart meter is a digital meter that replaces the rotary disc meter in your meter box and measures the amount of electricity used in your home.

It collects data on your electricity consumption throughout the day and is supposed to be able to distinguish between the use of different devices (privacy issue) and certainly monitor when you leave home or go on holiday.

It uses high-frequency radiation to communicate the collected data to other smart meters on the street; the one with the strongest signal at the base communicates it to the utility.

It allows utilities to vary the time period of peak and off-peak rates based on daily changes in usage in the community. This tends to lead to an increase in the electricity bill, even doubling it in some cases.

It allows utilities to offer new electricity “plans” in which the customer agrees to consume electricity at certain times of the day rather than at other times of the day, thereby reducing consumption during peak periods.

A technology has already been developed that will be integrated into appliances such as an air conditioner, for example. The Smart Meter will be able to turn off the devices for you when you use them outside of authorized hours. (very “Big Brother,” some would say)

Many people contact us to tell us that they don’t feel very well within 4 weeks after the installation of the smart meter.

Health: The high-frequency radiation produced by the smart meter in your home (or on the street) seems to be “the last straw” for those who have developed sensitivity to electronic radiation. There is a lot of high and low frequency radiation present in the modern home due to indoor and outdoor sources and people are exposed to it daily – this is before the shielding solutions of Geovital Academy, of course. The addition of the smart meter just seems to tip the balance of health. Therefore, radiation shielding should focus not only on the smart meter, but on all radiation sources if long-term benefits are to be achieved.

Privacy: The smart meter has been compared to a surveillance system, having the ability to monitor what you do at any time of day. This data is collected by a private company, which may be tempted to sell this information. Or a hacker could steal the data.

The bill’s going up: Often, the cost of these new meters was included in the electricity bills years before installation, so you pay for the meter as well as the often much higher electricity bills, due to the dynamic ability the utility now has to bill your electricity.

Vulnerability: The power company can very easily and quickly cut off your power remotely, either intentionally or by mistake. In theory, the same is true for anyone else who is interested. There is concern that hackers, or even terrorists, could disable entire cities or states if each property can be deactivated by a radio signal.

What can I do if such a system is installed ?

You can try to have it removed from your home, at the cost of a long and expensive lawsuit with an uncertain outcome.

You can stick our 25mm Clean-Waves patch on the meter to cancel the harmful effect of the emitted waves. On the other hand, our patch cannot do anything about your bill increases or intrusion into your privacy. Our technology is limited to your biological protection.

More generally, we advise you to wear one of our Body Guard bracelets in order to protect yourself against all the daily aggressions of electromagnetic waves that weaken you a little more each day (whether you already feel it or not).

Our technology is the only one covered by an international patent and to have demonstrated its effectiveness.