Blood test done by the German laboratory IGEF

International Society For Electrosmog-Research IGEF LTF

Test on blood exposed to waves with a telephone

The electron microscope can show how our cells (blood cells) react in the presence of electromagnetic waves with and without Multi-Dephaseur.
  1. A blood sample is used under the microscope without exposure to electromagnetic waves to see normal blood cells for 5 minutes.
  2. By repeating the same experiment with a blood sample exposed to electromagnetic waves from a cell phone for 5 minutes, we can observe that blood cells agglomerate and the outer membrane becomes blurry.
  3. Same experience with a phone using a patch for 5 minutes, showing that the cells remain almost normal
Blood not exposed to waves
Blood exposed to the waves for 5 minutes without the Multi-Dephaser
Blood exposed to the waves for 5 minutes with the Multi-Dephaser
There is a real difference with and without the Multi-Dephaser.