Explanations and evolution of phase shift patches


The 180° phase shift is the action of opposing an identical force to another, so they compensate each other. It is a universal physics principle observable everywhere from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.

Here is a simple example to illustrate it:

1 – A hammer hitting a metal plate will distort it : it’s the wave in phase

2 – Two people striking the metal sheet at the same time, in opposite direction with the same force, won’t distort it : the second hammer is compensating for the force of the first one

In other words, the second hammer is phase shifting at a 180 °, the force of the first one.

IMPORTANT : The force of Hammer 1 still exists, it has not been changed. It is the CONSEQUENCE of this force that was canceled by Hammer 2

In the same way, the Clean-Waves patch cancels the consequences of the polluting wave on the body, without modifying in any waythe wave in-phase of the device that remains unchanged.

Once applied on the equipment, the Clean-Waves patch acts on the principle of phase shift: thanks to its modules of passive antennas, it compensates the waves emitted by the device. The Clean-Waves patch protects you from biological and thermal effects.


– The electromagnetic (EM) waves : MRIs scans work because of the compensation principle. Without it important burns for the patient would be inevitable

– The light: it is also a wave that can be shifted at 180° in astronomy to “turn off” the light of a star too bright to observe what is surrounding

– Sound: another type of wave, highly reduced in aeronautics for the comfort of pilots and passengers by noise-reduction helmets and other cabin devices

But also in electricity to get rid of power lines harmonics etc …

Evolution of phase shifting patches

1998: Simple phase shifting antenna 1 and 2 which fields radiate (red) in 3 and 4 to both compensate in a phase-shifted wave 6.

Effective patch only if in contact with the body

This technology has been used on the Stop-Waves and Preserva-Phone patch.

2005: Four antennas 1, 2, 3, 4 which fields radiate (red) in 5, 6, 7, 8, to compensate in several out of phase waves of several layer levels in green and blue. The multitude of out-of-phase waves adds up, which amplifies the compensation information, making the protection more efficient biologically, on both thermal and non-thermal effects.

This technology is used on Life-Maxx, Fazup, Inspire self and Ondehome patches.

2017 : The tridimensional multi-phase shifting technology is composed of several antenna modules that amplify the (EM) compensation on several levels. The phase shift information thus generated produces even greater counter-waves (green and blue) for unparalleled biological protection over thermal and non-thermal effects, acting even at greater distances than before.

This new technology is used on Clean-Waves patches and all Body-Guard products.