Clean-Waves / BodyGuard Testimonials

Founder Testimony

How did our personal protection products come about ?


I am the inventor of the products for protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, the purpose of which is to protect living beings.

Since the year 2000 I have filed several patents on the protection of living beings against electromagnetic pollution. In 2000, I put on the market a patch of 2 antennas based on the Preserva-Phone principle for mobile phones.

In 2005, I launched a new patch of 12 “Multi-phase” antennas for mobile phones and the first generation of Smartphone 2 G.

All my tests are carried out with the MSAS of Biomeridian in the presence of electromagnetic waves” relay antennas, wifi, Smartphone, electric current, low consumption light bulbs, TV, PC etc… It is with this medical measuring device that I was able to develop and improve my inventions.

In 2006 I made tests on EHS (electrohypersensitive) people. The test that pushed me to develop the bracelet was with a woman who phoned me because for years she had been having trouble living because of the waves; after seeing many doctors, trying a multitude of treatments and even bought many protections against the waves including the anti-wave net, her problem never went away. She had a pressure on her chest that had prevented her from breathing normally for years, in addition to the headache etc… She was in full depression!

When I tested her with the MSAS it was very clear how the waves were attacking her nervous system and all the organs in her body, she was suffering a great loss of energy. Out of curiosity, I put a 12 antenna patch in her hand, no effect, then a second patch, no effect, then a third patch and then something happened, she felt the pressure disappear and on the fourth patch, the pressure on her chest disappeared completely, she could take a big breath of air and with tears in her eyes she said “I feel like I’m in a close one” Then she cried in my arms and thanked me.

She also felt a warm-up in the hand where the patches were, showing that the process of cleaning the body had begun. These heat effects can last for several hours or days depending on the person’s physiognomy and the degree of pollution in the body.  That’s when I realized that I needed to make multilayer patches and increase the number of antennas, so I put on the market the Life-Maxx patch with 40 antennas, bracelets and pendants with a patch of 80 antennas.

The same products are sold under different brands ” Ondehomme, Fazup, Protect-Phone, Life-Maxx and other brands ” all stemming from my 2005 patent. “The multiphase”

Many people were able to test the bracelets and pendants. The effects are immediate with the electro-sensitive ones.

Another person that one of my Belgian distributors sent me: One of his customers had been on sick leave for 6 months due to depression. His doctor had told him that he was suffering from a loss of energy without being able to explain it. After having had me on the phone and explained his problem, I offered him to try the bracelet. He came specially to pick up the bracelet and patches for his Smartphone. When he put the bracelet on, he felt a tingling sensation on his wrist, which again shows that his body has begun to cleanse itself.

He came back after 7 days to get me more products! I asked him how he was feeling, he said he felt very tired and slept a long time the first 2 days. This too is normal, when the body is depolluting itself the energy system works in the opposite direction, which makes the person tired, but after a few days the energy system returns to normal.  But after 7 days he felt much better.  15 days later he phoned me to tell me that he had resumed his work, that he felt fit again!

And given the increase in pollution “wifi, connected devices, the 4 G and the arrival of the 5 G” these are still pollution that accumulate and pump more and more of our energy.

And so it was necessary to find a solution to increase the phase shift even more, because the more you phase out, the more it protects, and at the end of 2017 I filed a new patent on the Three-Dimensional Multi-Phasing. I no longer work with antennas, but with sets of antenna modules, which considerably increases the phase shift, and the more you phase shift, the more the waves are converted into Seine waves.

And this is where the Body-Guard bracelet was born, which integrates 2 patches in 8 layers with 128 antenna modules.

In addition to its high performance, it costs less than 20 € and a Clean-Waves 25+ patch worth 7,90 € is offered with the Body-Guard bracelet.

Kind regards


Customer Testimonials

I have been searching for over 5 years solutions to solve my growing electrosensitivity for the microwaves spoiling our life, which are pumping our energy and accelerating aging, and I am enthusiastic about finding Clean-Waves. I have tested on me and around me. Clean-Waves products work very well. Immense gratitude, respect and admiration for all your efforts.”

Thank you so much! I am very impressed by the efficiency of all your patches. Congratulations! Marvellous!

As the majority of the people in the world I am using my mobile phone and Internet on the daily basis for all sorts of matters and I really like the convenience of these technologies.
Unfortunately I noticed that I was getting all sorts of health problems that were going away when I was not exposed to EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies). I have the chance to have 2 homes, one in the city and one in the bush.

When I was in the city and exposed to EMF my energy levels were very low, I was constantly tired, I was feeling nauseous, had constant headache,  flu symptoms, I was tense, stressed with a short temper and was feeling very emotional and unmotivated.

In contrast when I was in my country home all the symptoms were disappearing and I was feeling like myself again! No more health problem and happy!
The health and mental issues became so intolerable that I relocated to the beautiful NSW bush.

Fortunately now, thanks to CLEAN-WAVES’ protection  I can spend time in my home city and on the phone completely protected from harmful EMF radiation. I purchased a little CLEAN-WAVES patch for my phone and 2 big ones for my homes.

So I most highly recommend CLEAN-WAVES to protect all living beings from electromagnetic waves. The quality of their products and the customer service are exceptional.

Thank you so much for your help and your fantastic products!

My Testimony for these amazing Wifi Area patches and Hotspot Shields.. have literally and Physically been a God send gift and help for my co morbidity of a rare genetic bleeding disorder called HHT… [Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia]

So to explain in a condensed manner ..
last year of August 2019 unbeknownst to myself the 5G tower was erected and established across the road from my place of residence in Sydney, Australia, within that month I collapsed in my home and lost about 30-40mins of consciousness.. to explain that further, the actual physical symptoms were a sensation of burning up from within my body.. and the inability to cool myself down to the point where I collapsed.. it was as if I could not get enough oxygen within me while burning up from inside my body..

After 6 months of various doctors and specialist appointments, it dawned on me that this 5G tower had been erected and made compliant in August 2019..
much to my dismay of searching and reassessing my diet etc including various appointments with heart specialists and specialists treating me for my genetic disorder…

I came to the conclusion that this 5G, had not only caused my health exacerbated condition but also contributed to it.
Thank God that a very dear friend had sent me a variety of these WiFi Area Patches and WiFi hotspot shields.. upon hearing about what had happened….
after placing them literally on my body and I mean “literally”… I am physically wearing them and keep them on my body while sleeping..and go about my day’s activities etc..
I had found that I no longer was experiencing dizziness, burning sensations and generally feeling so ill with nausea and headaches that seemed to go on for months, until I acquired and put these AMAZING SHIELDS in place… I have been able to function as normally, as I could not before.
So to my dear friend and these shields I literally owe my life.. I truly do not believe that I would have lasted physically, if not without them.. though that may seem like a very far fetch testimony..

I can assure you that my integrity and transparency of the truth of the matter stands.

I had since also been admitted to hospital for a procedure CT angiogram and I also took those amazing little discs with me to hospital.. though no follow up procedure was required meaning a stent of an artery..
I could rule out the other reasons for my collapse.

So definitely these have saved my life.. given that I have this bleeding disorder, which I have been managing for more than 27yrs…I truly believe that if it were not for these disc… well let’s just say.. I’m here active as ever.. and no headaches, burning sensations within my body or any other ailments occurring.

Thank you.. thank you and God bless you who has designed and manufactured these.

Warmest and respectful regards

I am 55 years old, 25 of which have spent 25 years with serious sleep disorders that have only worsened over the years to the point of sleeping only 3 hours a night of light, unrefreshing sleep. I was therefore in a state of permanent fatigue that had serious consequences in my daily life. Going to work was a torture, I stopped doing sports, and my libido was at a standstill, I could not satisfy my partner without the help of the famous blue pills.

25 years of trying everything to sleep normally again, including sleeping pills that break you more than they help you sleep well.

I talk about it with my friend and neighbour who tells me that maybe it’s related to the waves especially since I lived the first 30 years of my life in a world almost without waves and with quality sleep.

Still thanks to him, I discover the existence of the Bodyguard bracelet which acts as a shield and must protect me from all forms of electromagnetic pollution. Skeptical but a little desperate, I decide to try it without getting my hopes up.

And there, the miracle. From the first night, 6 hours of deep and restful sleep. Paradoxically, for the first 3 weeks while I was sleeping deeply 6 to 7 hours a night, I felt even more exhausted than before. I imagine that this is normal in the recovery phase after so much sleep. After a month I felt full of energy again and without even paying attention I made love naturally without pills. A real liberation and rebirth!!!

This bracelet has changed my life, I talk about it all around me and I am delighted to share this testimony with you.

Thank you Bodyguard!

Since I’ve been wearing the bracelet, I’ve noticed that my blood pressure has remained stable, which is the most important thing for me.

I had been wearing the Bodyguard bracelet on my left wrist for 5 weeks instead of my jewelry bracelet because my right wrist hurts too much and I can’t move up and down without causing intense pain. For a family party, I wanted to put my jewelry bracelet back on but I didn’t want to part with my Bodyguard bracelet, so I clenched my teeth and started to put it on my right wrist. As soon as the bracelet was in place, the pain stopped instantly. A week later my wrist became completely normal again !!!

The patches are absolute essentials in our family. I have two daughters and we have been very impressed by the emf protection patches. The children are much calmer. Especially inside shopping centres!

I noticed the effects in particular during international travel my two daughters, they wore their patches and the watches [with a Clean-Waves universal patch on the back of their watches] and were little angels the entire flight. Everyone was amazed. Sometime later we flew without the patches and they were very irritable and emotional.
So we make sure we always wear them!

We have also noticed our sleep to be more restful too.