Body Guard
Perfect for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation!
Body Guard
Perfect for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation!
The greatest innovation in the protection of living beings against electromagnetic waves.
Based on the world patent for three-dimensional multi-phase amplification of electromagnetic compensation.
A complete selection of patches to meet all your needs for protection against electromagnetic waves
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Anti-wave protection from Clean Waves


We live in an environment increasingly saturated with electromagnetic waves (EM), like a mesh (electrosmog) in which we are constantly immersed, day and night, and which can interact with our bodies.

Over 60% of an adult's body is made up of water, and certain parts of our body in contact with a cell phone, for example, can see their temperature rise by several degrees, due to the heating effect (S.A.D., Specific Absorption Rate) of the waves on the water molecules (microwave oven principle). 

Discover our anti-wave pendants and anti-wave bracelets!

However, our bodies are also places of life, creators of subtle energies, but certainly also necessary for life and the proper functioning of all our organs.

Is there a possible interaction between so-called "wireless" devices and the well-being we all aspire to? WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are technologies that are an integral part of our modern lives, and no-one could do without them. They don't produce measurable thermal effects, but are we sure that, subjected to the constant radiation of EM waves, the headaches mentioned by some, fatigue, stress, tinnitus and so on, won't have long-term effects on our biology?

All these questions have prompted the WHO to analyze numerous scientific studies and classify the waves (EM) emitted by "connected mobile terminals" (telephones, smartphones, tablets, etc.) as "potentially carcinogenic". [Find out more]
A European directive therefore requires employers to protect their employees. [Read more]



The Clean-Waves patch is designed to protect the user from the electromagnetic waves (E.M.) generated by all wireless transmitters.


Based on French technology, the patch is made up of multi-layer passive antenna modules in flexible material.


Its small size makes it particularly suitable for all portable devices emitting electromagnetic waves.


Quality AFAQ ISO 9001 - UL USA
Worldwide patent WIPO
Lifetime warranty

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Electromagnetic waves are increasingly present in our daily lives, whether from cell phones, Wi-Fi or electrical appliances. While some remain skeptical about the real dangers of these waves to our health, others are looking for ways to protect themselves effectively. Several solutions exist to limit our exposure to these waves and thus preserve our well-being. Clean-Waves France offers a range of alternatives, including anti-wave patches, anti-wave bracelets and anti-wave pendants.

Anti-wave patches are self-adhesive printed circuits that attach directly to devices that emit electromagnetic waves, such as cell phones, tablets or computers. They are designed to convert harmful waves to reduce their impact on our bodies. They're easy to use, and won't interfere with the use of your equipment.

How to choose an anti-wave patch?

There are a number of different anti-wave patches on the market, and it's important to compare them before making your choice. Here are a few criteria to consider:

  •  The level of protection offered: some patches offer better protection from electromagnetic waves than others.
  • The lifespan of the patch: a good anti-wave patch should last for several years without losing its effectiveness, like Clean-Waves France anti-wave patches, which are guaranteed for life (under normal conditions of use).
  • Design and discretion: some models are more aesthetically pleasing than others, blending in better with the appearance of our appliances, which is what Clean-Waves France patches are guaranteed to do.

Anti-wave bracelets and pendants: combining style and protection

Anti-wave bracelets and pendants are specially designed to protect our bodies from electromagnetic waves. They contain miniaturized antennae (world patent) that protect us from the waves that surround us. By wearing these jewels, you can limit your exposure to harmful waves while sporting a discreet, elegant accessory.

How to choose an anti-wave bracelet or pendant?

To help you choose the right anti-wave jewelry, here are a few tips:

  • Check the jewel's composition: it's important to ensure that the materials used really do have anti-wave properties.
  • Opt for a model adapted to your needs: some people prefer to wear a bracelet, while others opt for a pendant.

A few extra precautions to protect yourself from the waves

In addition to using anti-wave patches and jewelry, here are a few simple and effective tips for minimizing our exposure to electromagnetic waves:

  • Keep cell phones away from the body when not in use, and avoid carrying them in your pocket.
  •  Use a hands-free kit when making phone calls.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and unused electronic devices, especially at night.
  • Use shielded cables for devices connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable.
  • By adopting these simple gestures and choosing the right anti-wave accessories, we can effectively limit our exposure to electromagnetic waves and preserve our health.